We will license various usages to accommodate our clients' needs, We also sell prints or low-resolution digital images for personal use.

Copyrights and Licensing:

All images created by Timemark LLC, or their associates, are registered with the U.S. Copyright office and protected by U.S. and International Copyright laws.

Personal Use Description:

Personal use of a print means you can display and enjoy a print, in much the same way you can purchase and enjoy a book. Purchase of a print does not include or infer transfer of copyright or a right to use license. Just as you are not entitled to reprint a book, you are not entitled to copy or reprint a photograph. This includes all forms of electronic copying, such as scanning, saving to file, printing, creating a derivative work, or displaying on a web-site (personal or otherwise) without written permission from the author.

Personal use of a digital image means Timemark LLC will allow you to use the digital file you purchased in the following ways: you may display the image on your own computer; you may print the image to your computer printer for your own enjoyment; you may email the image to your family and close friends for their personal enjoyment; Purchase of a digital image does not include or infer transfer of copyright or a right to use license. A reasonably priced license is also available for publishing to a personal web-site if you wish.

Usage Rights Available:

Most images taken by Timemark LLC and their associates are readily available for noncommercial and editorial use. Many images are also available for commercial use when we have a model or property release in our possession.

 Usage Rights Pricing:

Pricing Right to Use licenses are typically based on purpose, size of audience, where and how long the image will be used. The uniqueness or rarity of an image, availability of a model or property release, and other factors, may also play into calculating the licensing fee.

For instance, if one were to use an image for a personal, unique poster the right to use price would be quite low. However, if the image were to be used for mass production of posters, the right to use would be much higher.

If the image were only a small portion, possibly shared with other images, of a mass production poster, the right to use fee would be much lower than if the image were the primary subject of the poster.

Our licensing model is Rights Managed. We DO NOT license our images as Royalty Free!
Visit the American Media Photographers page for an explanation of the differences.

 Copyright Infringement:

All of our images are registered with the U.S. Copyright office and may not be copied or used in any form, including electronically, without a written release, and/or payment to the copyright holder!

Infringers are subject to 10x our standard usage fees or legal resolution, which could be as much as $150,000 plus our attorney fees.

U.S. Copyright law provides for very stiff penalties of Copyright Infringement.


Updated: 4/11/08